City of Mississauga Launches New Brand

Mississauga has a story to tell the world

Mississauga is a successful city with a lot going for it. People from around the world are attracted to it by its high quality balanced lifestyle, excellent programs, services and leisure options and its welcoming atmosphere.  It’s also a key economic centre, bringing international talent and investment to the City and allowing business to thrive. Mississauga has grown into a City that is envied by many around the world.  All of this and yet, Mississauga is still a very young and modern city with its defining brand story only just beginning. We need to tell everyone who we are, where we’re going and why it matters.

Our brand ingredient

Brand ingredients are the most important attributes of a place. They are the foundation of a clear and compelling story that a city wants to communicate to the world. These three ingredients create a one-of-a-kind place we call home – Mississauga.

Keeping our Promise

The power of our brand is in the authenticity and relevance of its promise, its benefits for stakeholders, its forward looking brand expression and the character of the experiences that support it. It’s meaningful, works locally as well as globally, and positions Mississauga as a uniquely welcoming and enriching place that inspires great possibilities for today and tomorrow.

Our Expression

In order to communicate and promote this compelling brand story to audiences – both locally and globally – Mississauga needs a bold fresh new logo and visual identity. The new Mississauga logo is a strong, open and bold logo that will communicate the excitement, diversity and promise of Mississauga’s story in an innovative and unique way. The three triangles form an open, bold, modern and future focussed ‘M’.


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