Capstone Projects with International Business Management Graduate Students

Sheridan College is known for its unique applied learning programs. Our 1-year International Business Management Graduate Certificate program provides University and College graduates new knowledge and skills so they can quickly contribute to international businesses. Our students arrive at Sheridan from all over the world eager to learn and to gain experience in the field.  Graduates are often employed in international sales, marketing, customer service, logistics and international finance as well as internships with international consulates and embassies.

Our program includes a major exit (or Capstone) project where student “consulting” teams work with businesses to address international opportunities.  These exit projects are a win-win for the students and client companies. Students gain valuable real world experience in applying their new skills. Clients obtain market research and recommendations from a new point-of-view and at the same time provide an invaluable service to the students and the community. There is no cost to this service other than the normal time a client would make to direct a consulting team. Clients may wish to fund specific activities such as having students attend local trade shows or making long distance calls to obtain specific information.

Clients are experts in their business and can most effectively steer students in productive directions, so some level of on-going contact is desired.  Students do market research and perform a detailed assessment of the opportunities identified, then propose a complete international business plan.

The project takes place in three (3) major stages.

  1. Statement of Work (SOW) Definition and Agreement; this is a key step in the process where the students and clients define the scope and schedule for the project.
  2. A Diagnostics/Market Analysis report where the situation is evaluated/diagnosed.
  3. A Business Plan presenting recommended market entry plans.

We provide a fairly detailed Template for each of these deliverables, and each of the Tables of Contents appear in Appendices 1, 2, and 3 respectively.  The full Templates are available for review but are fairly bulky with many instructions embedded in them.  Other documents produced which may be of interest to clients include a Research Plan and a Project plan.  If the client wishes, we can include a process application step in which students vie for potential projects.

For more information on the Sheridan International Business Program and the project opportunities please contact Phil Adam, Coordinator, International Business at or 905-459-7533 X 5203.

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