Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference


May 2,3 | MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, ON

What is CUTC?

The Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference is the bridge between generations of technology creators, users, and leaders. The CUTC continues to expose thousands of people to the fundamental innovations and problems in the technology and gives them the opportunity to learn from the pioneers at the forefront of it all. Our alumni come out of CUTC with the inspiration, tenacity, and knowledge that guide them for years to come. As the organization grows, the CUTC continues to evolve beyond just a conference, into a platform to connect talent and employers in a richer and more rewarding way. The CUTC brings together incredible organizations, high quality speakers, and droves of determined, curious individuals. Unlike other professional events, the CUTC focuses on satiating this curiosity without drowning delegates in unnecessary formality. Every piece of the conference challenges delegates to stop talking and start doing. Our breakout sessions are intimate, focused discussions between industry leaders and inquisitive delegates. And finally, the Tech Expo is a chance for all to go hands on with tomorrow’s technology and interact with sponsors.

Who should attend CUTC?

Anyone with a passion for technology. No technical skills required!

What is the theme of the conference?

Evolve (“verb”) – develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Throughout time humans have adapted to their environment. From sticks and stones to steel and electricity, we have certainly come a long way from our Neanderthal relatives. At the turn of the decade, we have once again leaped into the future to allow technology to enhance our lives. This year CUTC aims to showcase how businesses are incorporating more technology into their daily operations, how technology has made our lives easier, and the potential of technology that has yet to be commercialized. Allow us to show you our technological evolution!

What are the different types of sessions?

We have a selection of speakers. Small group discussions are available through our breakout sessions, open Q&A panels are there to answer your questions, and keynote presentation will allow you to be inspired by successful industry speakers.

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