Call for Companies to Apply to the DAIR Project

CANARIE’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research – DAIR – is an on-demand, advanced research and development environment that supports Canada’s tech innovators and entrepreneurs in designing, prototyping, validating and demonstrating their new technology apps, products and services.   During the pilot phase, DAIR is available at no charge, and provides:
  • on-demand access to the high-speed, high-capacity CANARIE Network;
  • macro cellular and WiFi access; and
  • compute and storage resources.
DAIR lets technology entrepreneurs do what they do best – create innovative applications, products and services – without having to build a costly R & D environment
themselves. Tech entrepreneurs and innovators who are working on such things as:
  • multi-player online games, or
  • transactional software like e-banking, or
  • telecom software like billing products, or
  • web-based apps like social networking will want to take advantage of the DAIR Program.
 You’ve got to move fast to get in on the pilot phase, from May 2011 till March 2012.
We’re looking for applications from small-to-medium enterprises (up to 500 employees). It will be a competitive process, so you need to describe how DAIR could help you accelerate time to market — and speed time to revenue generation!   We’ll keep all the applications we receive so we can bring new users on board over the course of the pilot.
 So are you ready to innovate? We DAIR you!
More information on DAIR, and the application form, may be found at:

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