Business Un-covered Program launching this fall

Calling students from all disciplines!
Want to gain industry exposure, make contacts and jumpstart your career? Apply today to BUSINESS UN-COVERED for a chance to work with up-and-coming start-ups and interdisciplinary student teams to solve a real business problem. This program is open to students from all disciplines.

The Altitude Accelerator, in partnership with NRC-IRAP, is rolling out a new and exciting program this fall and winter to help you gain industry-desired skills that are necessary in today’s competitive world. You will be placed in a cross-institutional and cross-functional team made up of students from different programs, and partnered with one of Canada’s leading start-ups.

How does it work?

Students apply to participate in BUSINESS UN-COVERED. Your application is reviewed, and if selected, you will be placed in a diverse team based on your individual skillsets. Each team will then be introduced to an innovative company with a unique project; over a period of three months, your team will work with the company, the Student Project Manager and an Entrepreneur in Residence to deliver a successful solution to their commercialization problem. The project culminates in a final report and presentation to industry executives, where the best performing team will win a $1000 cash prize!

Why join?

Apart from the real-world skills you will gain, this program gives students an opportunity to grow networks and build relationships with professionals from various industries and even potential employers!

Need more reasons to join? We’re giving you three:

  • Gain technical and professional industry needed skills
  • Work with cross-faculty and cross-institutional teams
  • Connect with industry professionals and  transform your future!

Apply now and un-cover your potential! Application deadline is September 23, 2013.

For more information, please contact

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