Business and Innovation

UTM course provides valuable insights and practical tips

 “Productivity is the outcome of innovation.”

The need to innovate is a high priority for Canadian companies seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive global environment.

The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies now offers a Business Innovation  Certificate for those seeking to tap into the potential of innovation.  The program is comprised of 3 courses: “Foundations of Business Innovation”, “The Tools and Techniques of Business Innovation” and “Business Innovation Applications”.

“Foundations of Business Innovation (SCS2539)” covers the core topics in business innovation, providing the prerequisites for the next two courses in the program. The focus will be on generating value through innovation and the implications in business as well as public organizations.  Learn about the value innovation offers through product, process and service, and explore its place in business and organizations.

Next session at the Mississauga campus starts on January 23rd. Instructors for the program are Andrew Maxwell and John Foreman of the Canadian Innovation Centre.

For more information, and to register, visit:  Certificate in Business Innovation

For a taste of the content of the course, view the video recording of the recent “Innovate or Die” where keynote speaker Andrew Maxwell shared insights into the top ten reasons why companies fail to innovate successfully and how to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters innovation at all levels of an organization, regardless of its size or stage of business.


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