Black Entrepreneurs Get Green, In A White Cannabis Industry

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Atlas365 Incorporated Secures Oversubscribed Round for New Portfolio Company Canurta Inc.

Atlas365 Inc. is thrilled to announce it has successfully raised a funding round after oversubscribing its anticipated raise of $500,000. The round was led by strategic investor Canxtra Inc., a global industrial-scale cannabis extractor and product manufacturer. Friends and family supplemented the round.

The new investment round will enable Canurta Inc. to commercialize a novel, cannabinoid-free extract and introduce it to the market for the first time. Driven by a need to understand the compounds responsible for many of the cannabis benefits that are currently being researched, Atlas365 Inc., working with researchers from the University of Guelph, aimed to understand cannabis polyphenols and developed a proprietary extraction method to isolate, capture and purify these valuable compounds.

The resulting CanurtaTM extract is enriched with an exclusive blend of these hemp-derived polyphenols. It requires no cannabinoids or terpenes to give it its synergistic effect. Polyphenols have long been researched for their beneficial effects, including anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, antiviral, and hepatoprotective. Moreover, cannabis polyphenols exhibit novel properties that may help enhance the quality of life, support long-term well-being, and aid in living a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging normal muscle and joint function, promoting recovery, and improving performance. By offering CanurtaTM in various human and animal natural health products, including dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals, the extract looks to disrupt the current cannabinoid market

“50% of all human mortality can be attributed to chronic inflammation, which is well known. This is a huge problem we will be tackling with Canurta Inc. As a black co-founder, I couldn’t be more proud of the resilience our team has shown to allow us to break barriers in this industry.”

– Akeem Gardner, CEO & Co-Founder, Atlas 365 Incorporated.

“I am excited to support Canurta Inc., with strategic relationships to help educate consumers and tell the CanurtaTM story on a global scale. Establishing a brand backed by scientific evidence that can effectively disrupt and differentiate from the current CBD market offerings makes CanurtaTM a unique opportunity and a marketers dream.”

– Randy Osei, Co-Founder, Atlas 365 Incorporated.

“CanurtaTM is a ground-breaking opportunity, commercially and scientifically as a high-activity, anti-inflammatory ingredient for nutraceutical product manufacturers. Our transformative collaboration with Atlas 365 and the CanurtaTM brand will accelerate Canxtra’s vision to be one of the most innovative and profitable extractor operators in North America.”

– Albert Ferrer, President and Co-founder of Canxtra.

Keeping in line with the company’s sustainability principles, the CanurtaTM extraction technology uses repurposed waste biomass and energy-efficient manufacturing while also supporting local industrial hemp farmers. An experienced and ambitious women-led team will proudly manage Canurta Inc. Atlas365 Inc. anticipates CanurtaTM – infused products to launch in the U.S. market mid-2021.

Atlas365 Incorporated.

Co-Founded in 2017 by Akeem Gardner and Randy Osei, Atlas365 Inc. is a Canadian black-owned enterprise tackling social and environmental issues with industrial hemp. Atlas365 Inc. is focused on creating market opportunities in the industrial hemp supply chain, including natural health products, by leveraging technological innovation. Atlas365 Inc. is committed to advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and upholds these principles throughout its operations.

Canxtra Inc.

Canxtra is an all-natural industrial-scale Hemp Extractor and CBD product manufacturer with unique patent-pending processing solutions, backed by an extensive network of cultivators throughout North America.

Our mission is to reimagine the hemp supply chain with our proprietary processing technology and a blockchain-enabled ecosystem at its core. We work with our cultivator and manufacturing partners to ensure the consistent long-term supply of high-quality, water-soluble, full-spectrum, and water-soluble CBD products. The Canxtra technology is organic-enabled, sustainable, and engineered for localized production, providing extended-lasting benefits to our partners and the environment.

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