BioTalent Canada Career Focus Green Jobs Program

“The unemployment rate of Ontario Science graduates between 20‐24 years of age with a minimum university degree was 18.9%, demonstrating the need to assist new grads in the transition into their new career.”

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To mitigate this problem, The Career Focus Green Jobs Program minimizes risk to small to medium sized biotechnology companies hiring a new grad into a green job by covering the cost of that new graduate’s salary by 50% to a maximum of $13,500/year.


The overall objective of this project is to place 100 new post‐secondary graduates within green jobs in Canada and Canada’s bio‐economy. It will increase the number of qualified employees available to bioeconomy employers with a focus on green initiatives. It will also facilitate the transition of recent postsecondary graduates into the labour market and increase their knowledge of the sector’s needs through recent and practical work experience. Furthermore, it will play a role in creating jobs that benefit the environment.


100 new graduates placed in bio‐economy jobs

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