Benchmarking Tool Aims to Help Entrepreneurs Do Startups Better

 By Jasmeet Duggal

Given that 90% of all startups are headed for failure, can we increase the success rate of startups and accelerate their path to commercialization? According to Blackbox – an incubator based in Silicon Valley – it can be done by cracking the code of innovation and dissecting it down to a science; a science that can serve as the basis to teach entrepreneurs how to put together a successful startup.

Blackbox introduced the Startup Genome Compass – a benchmarking tool which allows entrepreneurs to evalu
ate their progress against competitors in 25 performance indicators. The benchmarking is supported by empirical evidence gathered from over 3,200 startups.

The Startup Genome Compass can help startups with:

  • Avoiding premature scaling
  • Setting priorities and aligning your team based on the benchmark your type and stage.
  • Finding your weaknesses.
  • Exploring resources and tips that are relevant for your type and stage
  • Sharing your report with Mentors and Investors so they can support you better

BlackBox beleves that their “…Startup Genome project could mark the beginning of a new era, an era we are calling the Entrepreneurial Enlightenment.”

Jasmeet Duggal is graduate student pursuing her final year in the Master of Biotechnology program at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is currently the Communications Officer for the Altitude Accelerator, a role which has allowed her to engage in the startup culture and entrepreneurship. In her future endeavors, Jasmeet hopes to pursue a career in business development in the life sciences.

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