Backbone Magazine Names CATAAlliance and CanWIT Best 10 in Tech Associations: CATAAlliance also to be featured in European International Innovation Magazine

Ottawa, March 7, 20 – Backbone Magazine has named CATAAlliance and its CanWIT (Women in Tech) Division as two of the Best 10 in Canadian Tech Associations.  The recognition was part of Backbone200’s issue that features organizations, people, events and products that stand out, that contribute to Canada’s competitiveness and economic strengths.

“We are honoured to receive this all star recognition and ranking from one of Canada’s leading technology Magazines” said CATA CEO, John Reid, noting, “Its a validation of the new business model the CATA team has developed to advance advocacy and provide member services.  It is also a much deserved recognition of  community executives who have freely given their time and expertise to help advance programs to improve Canada’s status as a competitive innovation nation.”

CanWIT, Executive Director, Emily Boucher added, “We, too (at CanWIT) were gratified with the Best 10 ranking. Our women in tech executives have made special efforts to launch new mentorship programs, advance the careers of those already in the sector and provide resources and advocacy to help grow women led enterprises in Canada.”

CATAAlliance has also been chosen as the feature organization in a leading European Innovation Magazine where  President and CEO John Reid discusses the main obstacles surrounding innovation in Canada and sets out CATA’s strategies focused on boosting the economy in order to rebrand the country as a competitive innovation nation.

Executives can join Canada’s innovation and entrepreneurship conversations on the CATAAlliance social media Forum, currently engaging 7000 executives in providing thought leadership for innovation advocacy.


The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) grows the revenues of its members by creating a collaborative edge — a chain of expanding value that ripples across Canada’s innovation leaders.

The largest high-tech association in Canada, CATAAlliance matches businesses with opportunities across almost every sector, so that we can all do business together. Reaching out from Canada, CATAAlliance members are connected with investment and partnership opportunities.

Through its competitive innovation program, CEOs come together to catalyze the development of the Canadian business environment. CATA is the foundation for commercialization, market research, networking events, access to other associations, and professional development.

About CanWIT 

Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT, a division of CATAAlliance) is a national volunteer organization with the aim of: 1) encouraging young women to consider a career in a technology field, 2) help accelerate, retain, and support the careers of women already in the field, and 3) through its partnership with Springboard Enterprises offer a premier platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to meet and build great women-led technology-based businesses.

CanWIT is aligned with CATAAlliance’s National i-CANADA program, a national movement to create a nation of Intelligent Communities large and small, central and remote, all enjoying the economic development, job growth and social prosperity now available in the world’s leading Intelligent Communities. i-CANADA provides powerful peer outreach and a network of launch Hubs for CanWIT activities in 30 Canadian communities from coast to coast.

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