Altranex Corp.: Making Strides in Biofuels and Bio-lubricants


By: Kristie Robertson

Diesel fuels are known to cloud at low temperatures, while renewable fuels such as biodiesel will begin to solidify at temperatures as high as 20 degrees Celsius. Not surprisingly, clouding is especially prevalent in colder climates such as North America and northern Europe and the consequences can be catastrophic. Even a seemingly insignificant amount of solids in the fuel will block fuel pumps, filters and injectors, rendering engines inoperable.

Enter Altranex Corp. Altranex is a Canadian, bio-based chemicals company that develops and markets bio-lubricants and commercial transportation fuels that remain liquid at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. The company has developed, and is presently licensing, process technology that can transform biologically-derived virgin and waste oil into sustainable lubricating oils, fuels for shipping and commercial vehicles and raw materials for polymer production.

“Biodiesel is at a disadvantage as it is incompatible with the existing fuel infrastructures and requires specialized piping, storage and distribution systems,” Chad Joshi, CEO and president of Altranex explains. Not only are Altranex fuels ideal for colder climates, they are ready to drop-in to existing fueling infrastructure. On top of this, Altranex’s renewable source fuels are hydrocarbon fuels exactly like their petroleum counterpart, but CO2 neutral and sulfur-free.

Altranex products are simply superior to current synthetic oils and fuels. Altra-BASE™, Altranex’s renewable lubricating oil, for example, has higher purity and a doubled viscosity index that enables automobiles to go 18 to 24 months between oil changes and 10 years between transmission fluid changes. Plus, Altranex can produce and sell these renewable lubricating oils at price parity with petroleum products.

To make these feats possible, Altranex has reached out to, and has been helped up by, many influential organizations.

In 2013, Altranex Corp. established a research and development operation in partnership with GreenCentre Canada, NRC-IRAP and a major oil company. This partnership has given Altranex access to state-of-the-art chemistry laboratories in Kingston, Ontario. They were also awarded $100,000 from GreenCentre Canada’s SME Commercialization Fund to further develop and demonstrate its fuel production technology. With a successful demonstration of its core technology, the Company built its own development facility within Innovation Park, also in Kingston, Ontario.

But don’t be fooled. It hasn’t been all blue skies and sunshine for Altranex Corp. This summer, the NRC-IRAP experienced a cyber intrusion and Altranex’s funding from NRC-IRAP was slowed down and they had to make some strategic, but painful, cutbacks in staffing. With the help of the Altitude Accelerator, however, Altranex was able to build additional connections to investors and people in the industry such as the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (SCA).

“We closed on $100K in funding from Sustainable Chemistry Alliance at the end of September which enabled us to continue our development efforts,” Joshi says.

Recently, Altranex presented to the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII) for additional funding.

Altranex will continue their technology development with a focus on delivering samples of lube oil to potential licensees and customers, including some of the most recognized names in the industry. With the delivery of these samples, they expect to enter into negotiations for joint venture licensing with one or more of these companies.

By 2020, Altranex’s business plan projects to have licensed almost 30 production facilities around the world, each producing up to 100 MT/day of renewable products. The direct environmental impact of the use of Altranex’s renewable fuels is estimated to be a reduction of 2.8 million MT of greenhouse gasses and 44,000 MT of sulfur dioxide emissions.

That’s called making a difference.

Learn more about Altranex and their products at their website,

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