Altitude Accelerator Welcomes TJ Machado as Advisor!

TJ Machado

With advanced degrees in business and economics, TJ’s career started as a retail analyst. While working with retail information systems and analytics, he collaborated with several enterprise software vendors. Subsequently he transitioned into a  technical sales career with several large players including SAP and Microsoft.

His experience on both sides of the transaction – customer and vendor, helped direct his career towards abstracting the complexities of the underlying technology while focusing on the business process executional benefits that software and services provide. Today TJ is a principal at a Microsoft Technology Partner and heads up the analytics practice.

In 2011, TJ ventured into the world of Angel investing which included three years on the board of Angel One Investor Network. His investments have focused primarily on B2B SaaS companies, furthering his passion for software based process automation and optimization. He likes to sit on boards, advisory boards, or just help entrepreneurs to the best of his abilities.

As a resident of the region, he hopes to give back by investing his time and money to further the ambitions of local entrepreneurs – as well as live vicariously through their experiences. We are happy to include his as an advisor in our network! Welcome TJ!

Connect with Mr Machado via LinkedIn!

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