Altitude Accelerator Welcomes Abhishek Mathur as an Advisor!

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by Mikaela Cunha

Altitude Accelerator is delighted to announce the addition of Abhishek Mathur to our team of advisors. Mathur brings a wealth of experience in digital media, ICT, and financial services. His diverse skill set spans finance, marketing, sales, and technology, making him an asset for founders seeking strategic guidance and mentorship.

From B2B and B2C strategies to business development and product management, Mathur has a great understanding involved in scaling businesses and driving sustainable growth. His fintech experience allows him to help founders navigate complex financial ecosystems to identify opportunities for innovation.

Mathur is also the Vice President of Product Management at Pyte and shapes the product roadmap and market strategy. Mathur is also passionate about sharing his expertise and insights with the entrepreneurial community. As a volunteer advisor, he is committed to giving back and sharing his experience, collaborating and advising industry peers. Through his participation in panels and mentorship programs, Mathur wants to empower emerging startups and guide their success in an uncertain market.

In a recent conversation with Mathur, he expressed his enthusiasm for joining Altitude Accelerator and his eagerness to contribute to the growth and development of businesses. Reflecting on his experiences, Mathur highlighted the importance of defining clear customer segments and aligning product development efforts with market needs, a philosophy he intends to bring to his advisory role at Altitude Accelerator.

Personally, Mathur enjoys discovering different types of whiskies, a curious passion and appreciation for the finer details. As Altitude Accelerator continues to welcome individuals to its network, the addition of Abhishek Mathur underscores our commitment to finding seasoned professionals who can effectively guide startup founders towards success. Given his wealth of experience and passion for startup innovation, Mathur will create an impact on Altitude’s clients, helping them navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve their full potential.

Reach out to Abhishek today!

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