Altitude Accelerator Highlights Advisor Deepinder Singh

DEEP Welcome

Altitude Acclerator is pleased to highlight Deepinder Singh as the 2024 winner of the Smart Solutions Category at the Brampton Business Excellence Awards! An engineer by trade, Singh has seamlessly integrated his technical knowledge with his passion for languages, leading to the creation of Prudle Labs. This innovative company is revolutionizing the language industry by solving numerous existing problems and enhancing the way content translation occurs today.

While earning his Bachelor’s degree, Singh developed an interest in languages, learning German, French, and Japanese. His passion for languages persisted throughout his career, where he eventually led language computer departments and managed translation portfolios for multinational corporations. This exposure allowed him to identify key issues in the language industry, which inspired the inception of Prudle Labs.

Today, Prudle Labs employs 3,000 contractors globally, providing translation services that deliver results in a fraction of a second. Singh’s role extends beyond his company, he also mentors startups at Altitude Accelerator and other incubators. His interests include photography- particularly landscape and nature photography, as well as cycling, reading, and meditation.

Singh’s expertise lies in identifying and addressing inefficiencies within the language industry. While working at a major computer company, he observed significant problems in the translation supply chain, including a lack of transparency and high costs. His solution was to develop a single platform that facilitated collaboration among all members of the supply chain. This innovation simplifies global communication and is the foundation of Prudle Labs. Further, Singh’s specialties include project management, cost management, and people management. 

In conclusion, Deepinder Singh’s multifaceted expertise and passion for innovation have significantly impacted the language industry through Prudle Labs. His commitment to mentoring and community involvement exemplifies the spirit of Altitude Accelerator, and we are proud to have him as an advisor.

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