Altitude Accelerator alum, Neptune Nanotechnologies secures $1.8 million CAD investment!

Neptune Nanotech CEO Aaron Guan (right) & Altitude EIR James Sbrolla (left)

Here at Altitude, are passionate about supporting founders who are pioneering change in key industries that have the capacity to revolutionize the way we live as people. Cleantech is one of those industries. It intends to create innovative products, services, and processes with the goal of achieving superior performance at reduced costs, while minimizing or eliminating negative ecological & environmental impacts. With Canada taking a major step to decrease its overall carbon footprint, startups like Altitude alumni, Neptune Nanotechnologies, are leading the Cleantech industry through material innovation that is disrupting major industries for the better.

Founded by University of Toronto graduate and Forbes 30-under-30, Aaron Guan in 2022, Neptune Nanotech has received critical acclaim in the bio-nano material space. Their praise is attributed to their development of a cutting-edge and novel technology which converts organic fishing waste into ultra-high value nanocrystals that are stronger than steel yet lighter than plastic. These nanocrystals can then be used as an additive to increase the strength and stiffness of an underlying material. With a team of high caliber, experienced individuals, Neptune Nano believes in their vision and has the capacity to revolutionize the bio-nano material space.

July 2023 welcomed a significant and new chapter for the company, where the firm successfully closed their seed round funding with a total of $1.8 million CAD in investment! This is remarkable achievement validates the pioneering innovations being birthed out of the firm, with the capacity to accelerate Neptune Nano’s ability to scale to new heights. We at Altitude are proud to celebrate the success of one of our very own, yet also, we are elated at the immense support for Neptune’s ground-breaking work.

Learn more about the amazing work being done at Neptune Nanotechnologies here.

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