AIO: Creating the First-in-the-World AI Matchmaking Platform for Gamers


AIO is creating the future of gaming with a social application connecting gamers through effortless and accurate matchmaking.

It is a next-generation social network for gamers to connect.

The platform is the ultimate hub for gamers to engage and play with anyone in the world.

AIO uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze player data and match users with others of similar skill levels, interests, and personality traits. This allows for a more efficient and accurate matchmaking process.

“AIO’s competitive advantage lies in its use of cutting-edge AI technology to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one matchmaking solution for gamers. Our platform offers skill-based matching, quick matchmaking, region-based matching, flexibility, compatibility, and a feedback loop that ensures that players are matched with others of similar skill levels, minimizing wait times, and maximizing connection quality. The system is designed to provide an optimal gaming experience, making sure that players have access to the best possible matches with the least amount of effort,” said Vladimir Rigenco, Founder & CEO, AIO.

The platform offers a wide range of features that allow users to connect and interact with other gamers, including groups, chat, and tournaments, making it an all-around enjoyable solution for gamers. 

“Our platform is designed to meet the needs of gamers of all skill levels, and we continuously gather feedback to improve the matchmaking process over time.” 

Joining Altitude Accelerator  

“AIO has accomplished a significant milestone by being part of the Altitude Accelerator. The program provided us with the knowledge and experience needed to take the company’s platform to the next level. Based on feedback from the Altitude Accelerator’s advisors, AIO enhanced the product to create a first-in-the-world AI matchmaking platform for gamers with instant engagement through effortless and accurate matchmaking,” said Rigenco, Founder & CEO, AIO.

AIO has joined the Accelerator during its MVP BETA stage with only 3000 users and less than 5% active user base.

During that stage, AIO was focused on product iteration and optimization as well as continuous research to find the last missing piece of the puzzle that no other entity has been able to find, yet.

By the end of the Accelerator program, AIO had over 5500+ users, with over 7% active users on a monthly basis. Advisor feedback helped the founders execute its plan to ramp up custormer acquisition.

“Altitude has been that mentor that I was always looking for,” said Rigenco, Founder & CEO, AIO. 

“Altitude Advisors helped fill a lot of gaps in my experience of being a founder, in particular in the investment process. The program helped me learn the process of raising an investment for my startup. This gave me a lot of confidence to progress forward to grow my company. From product building to pitching investors, Altitude can be that best friend and mentor that you need beside you in this not-so-easy journey” said Rigenco, Founder & CEO, AIO.

Lessons in Entrepreneurship  

“Building AIO over the years has been one of the most challenging and insightful tasks to accomplish. It has been a road that takes you through lava and ice at the same time, with complications, obstacles and part-time solutions on the way that lead you closer to your end goal. But the highlight of this startup journey has been the support from the community,” Rigenco reflected.

“I have never seen such amazing support from over 4000 users with the same vision for this product. I can’t even convey the feeling after having a conversation with some of our community members about our product and vision, and at times random people would DM me to just share their support. It makes me feel very special that we are building something very unique that no one has been able to do before.”

“You always have to take a risk and fail in order to succeed. Never take time for granted, time is our biggest and most important resource, and we have to manage it properly and execute faster within the time frame given to us as entrepreneurs.”

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