AI Materia Selected to Join the Boeing Launchpad Program​

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AI Materia Among One of the Top 10 Startups Selected to Join the Boeing Launchpad Program

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing all industries. Serving as a support for human intelligence and ingenuity and elevating humans’ capabilities to make sense of data, AI helps us make more accurate decisions faster. AI Materia, a Toronto tech startup founded in 2018, focuses on AI’s power to accelerate the development of cutting-edge materials, facilitate product portfolio optimization, and codify research IP. Cofounder Maryam Emami has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University and more than a decade of experience in various manufacturing sectors- including aerospace, automotive, petrochemicals, and medical. Farimah Zadeh, her partner, is a business expert who specializes in evidence-informed decision-making models.

Together, their vision for AI Materia is to foster a data ecosystem for accelerating breakthroughs in materials development and manufacturing. Towards this end, they have developed an innovative three-component solution. Firstly, AI Materia uses a smart analytical framework, developed in-house, that identifies decision paths and clarifies client data needs. Secondly, AI Materia connects the client’s data to their central database- a vast database mined and curated from public and private sources paired with established scientific principles. Finally, AI Materia utilizes its AI engine, which customizes advanced AI algorithms to address the client’s unique challenges in materials design, process optimization, and characteristics predictions- co-creating actionable insights.

AI Materia has a strong team of material scientists with expertise in advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and data scientists specialized in AI and machine learning for materials development. The company has already achieved success in working with clients from the steel and 3D printing sectors and are now beginning their adventure in facilitating materials development in the aerospace industry. AI Materia was selected as one of the top 10 innovative Canadian startups in the field from a group of 76 for the Boeing Launchpad program, a collaborative initiative led by Boeing HorizonX, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Canada, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

“Being selected to the Boeing Launchpad Canada program means the opportunity for AI Materia to build working relationships with a world-class aerospace company and obtain invaluable strategic advice from senior-level executives. 

The AI Materia team is excited for the prospect of finding partners in Boeing’s extensive global network of research and technology resources and getting introduced to investors and clients for the applications of AI in materials R&D.” – Maryam Emami, CEO and Cofounder, AI Materia

AI Materia is a new member of the RIC Center family. Since joining us at the beginning of this year, they have completed the RevUP program as well as the Champion Series. We at the Altitude Accelerator are excited at their growth over the last ten months and look forward to 2021. 

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