A Shot in the Arm for the Business Flu

By Jeff Bowman

The sleepless nights, the aches and pains in your joints, chills, fatigue and the fever that accompanies the flu have beaten us all down at some time or other.  There is a virus floating around and if you aren’t careful and wash your hands, and avoid close contact with those around you who have it, you’re going to get it. The silver bullet in recent years seems to be the flu shot.  Get the shot avoid the flu.

Your business is also very susceptible to the flu, or Enterprise Influenza A.  It has been almost in a pandemic stage for a couple of years now.  Yes, most of us dismissed it as the common “CC Variant”, the Company Cold, and thought that it would simply run its course given a little time. Fact is, it may not have. Now you require a little shot in the arm to get things righted, make the business feel better so to speak. The wonder drug is “buttkus bootus”.  It is available with a prescription, but can be quite expensive since it isn’t covered by your typical business health plan.  I recommend that you get an over the counter self-administered version, a home remedy that was popularized in the 30’s, then the late 50’s and again in the 90’s.

The first thing you need to do is identify if your business truly has the flu, or is it lagging due to a cold or aging pains.  There are two main types of symptoms you need to recognize, the internal ones that you can feel, measure and that are a source of constant complaint, and the more visible signs that others can see such as the pallor of the business, fatigue etc.

Among the internal symptoms are low employee morale, increase in sick days, outdated technology, lower productivity and a general malaise towards sales and customer relationships.

The outwardly visible signs include things like decreased market share, a deterioration of your marketing effort, an old outdated brand image, and a total disregard for emerging social media.

The bad news is that if left untreated, Enterprise Influenza A can be deadly.  Over a period of time the business will become more and more lethargic, clients and suppliers will not want to come near you in case you are contagious and just as the flu drains your energy, this will drain your company revenues and resources.

The good news is that this is 100% treatable.

  • Identify the symptoms and what you believe are the base cause.
  • Consult a few experts for their opinion
  • Focus your efforts on the cure, and change habits that you might have developed over the last couple of years.
  • Create a plan of action to re-invigorate the business
  • Continue with the treatment, take all the medication prescribed
  • Take the temperature of the business regularly to see what is working

The environment over the last few years has been very conducive to this particular business ailment.  You may not have seen the gradual decline in health, but now is the time to take the chicken soup to get you back on your feet.  Some of the measures you need to take will take strong will power and conviction, but keep in mind a qualified consultant can offer advice but in the end, it is you that has to take the action.

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