A little R&D can go a long way

Sometimes potential clients ask, “I’m not in the R&D business – how could my business benefit from partnering with a researcher?” Yet, the need for innovative solutions to product, or process issues can affect businesses in any sector, and at any stage of their lifecycle. Take the case of an established local manufacturer:

Gosco Valves, an Oakville based manufacturer of valves for demanding industrial conditions – from severe weather to use in nuclear plants – has been solving problems in the toughest environments since 1985.  Gosco Valves has actively applied for, and obtained grants to assist with their company’s needs, from NSERC and other funding organisations.

Recently, Gosco Valves required research expertise to address the need for improved performance measurement methods, and to assist with design approaches to meet the demands of their elite valves.  Gosco Valves had heard of the NSERC Ontario Regional Office through their engineers and their grant research officer, and contacted us for assistance.

NSERC Ontario Regional Office connected Gosco Valves with Dr. Jim Cotton at
McMaster University, and they applied for an NSERC Engage grant. The grant enabled Dr. Cotton to work on an advanced method to determine valve selection process that  minimizes the potential for cavitation.  According to Gosco Valve’s CEO, Tom Gosling, “Solving a severe service valve problem such as cavitation removes major obstacles for  our clients and allows them to operate for longer intervals between outages and
reduces maintenance.  Our collaboration with NSERC’s Engage grant and Dr. Jim Cotton is on track for tackling the valve cavitation issue.”

In addition to the Engage grant work, Gosco is also supporting one of Dr. Cotton’s master’s studentsunder NSERC’s Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship. This scholarship provides $15,000 from NSERC toward the salary of a postgraduate student to work with a company on a research project for one year.  “Gosco Valves appreciates and  values the insight and knowledge that young people can provide.  By partnering with NSERC through an Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship we are hoping to encourage scholars to consider research careers in the manufacturing industry while also contributing to strengthening local, and Canadian innovation,” said Gosling.

Contact the NSERC’ Ontario Regional Office and we can help your firm partner with a researcher to help you solve your next R&D challenge.

Sarah is the Communications and Promotions Officer at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)’s Ontario Regional Office.  Sarah can connect you with the information you need regarding NSERC’s partnership opportunities.

Nancy is the Communications Assistant for Gosco Valves.  In her new role she has become immersed in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

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