5 Great Resources for Young Canadian Entrepreneurs

By Knowlton Thomas

It’s safe to say that every entrepreneur, particularly first-timers, need all the help they can get in getting their budding business to blossom.

Here, Techvibes has compiled a few resources targeted at young Canadian entrepreneurs. While not tech-specific, these general resources will help give any fledgling company wings.

1. The Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

The CYBF offers coaching, financing, and other resources across Canada. Its services are for entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 34. They have numerous different programs and initiatives, plus mentoring, events, and more.

2. Young Entrepreneur Awards.

Being recognized by professionals and experts on an award-level is fantastic exposure and an amazing addition to an entrepeneur’s resume. These awards are sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and honour entrepreneurial creativity and innovation from minds aged 19 to 34. The BDC’s slogan is “Entrepreneurs First,” so you know you’re in the right place.

3. Junior Achievement Canada.

Linking education and work for students, this entrepreurnially focused organization aims to help students discover and master key concepts like leadership, financial literacy, and workforce-readiness skills. Now 55 years old, Junior Achievement reaches over 250,000 students annually with 15,000 dedicated business volunteers in over 400 communities across Canada.

4. Young Social Entrepreneurs. 

The YSEC is a network targeted at socially driven young entrepreneurs. Interested in making profits, but also caring for people and the planet? Then it’s a good idea to become a part of YSEC, which aims to “build an ecosystem of support that utilizes the best resources our society has to offer.”

5. Small Business Finance Centre.

Need a capital injection? The Grants and Loans section of this Canadian government website is your ticket to provinicial opportunities for grants and loans.

Knowlton Thomas is the Associate Editor of Techvibes Media.  He has vested interests in business and financial subject matter, as well as technology and environmental affairs.

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