4 Myths of Starting a Business: Busted



Starting a new business venture can be an exhilarating experience. The ideation to creation process can bring about a rollercoaster of emotions, but there is also no reason that it should wreak havoc on your psyche. 

Entrepreneurs have a reputation of being risk-takers in their field, but they are also responsible and prudent.There are so many entrepreneurship and startup myths that get mixed in with the startup development stages. 

All of the misinformation and misconceptions can create a lot of nerves for any entrepreneur that started off feeling excited and motivated.

And so, we are here to bust 4 myths associated with starting a business: 

  1. Entrepreneurs are rich
  2. It’s difficult to compete against big companies
  3. All that I need is a great idea
  4. Setting up a business is time consuming 

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1. Entrepreneurs are rich

The truth is that not many entrepreneurs start off as rich. And nor do you require a lot of money to begin your entrepreneurial journey. 

What is required is time, effort, and a strategy that can help you build up your riches and birth an incredible business.

2. It’s difficult to compete against big companies

Focusing one’s attention that you will not be able to compete against established companies will be a losing battle. 

Instead, why not allocate your time and energy into how your startup differs from the competition? 

Research the niche of your business and understand the market in which you are operating. 

3. All that I need is a great idea

A lot may bloom from the initial idea, but a lot more is required in order to expand your business and create firm roots for its development. 

You will need to consider building relationships with the right people and spend much of your time building your network. You will also need to think about your finances, target market, and who your target audience is. 

Consider the idea a starting point where everything else unfolds from.

4. Setting up a business is time consuming

As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your time management. There are countless ways to structure a business, and you do not have to follow an approach that will cause you to burn out or eliminate other aspects of your life. 

Be mindful of the structures you are creating, and the type of life that you imagine for yourself.

The myths of entrepreneurship

No matter what stage of life you are currently finding yourself in, it’s never too late to start a business. 

Devote time to understanding yourself, the type of life that you wish to have and the impact that you are creating on the world. And most importantly, don’t fall prey to many of the startup myths out there!

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