3terra: Driving Information to Improve Healthcare

By Anne Servidad, Altitude Accelerator Communications Intern

4Hospitals are complex organizations that are composed of a multitude of services including emergency care, surgery, and maternal units. For every patient visit, data is collected about each aspect of the stay to help improve the quality of future service. However, hospital personnel struggle to access this information when needed to support both operational and strategic decision making. Data accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness are all significant hurdles to effective decision making in improving patient care.

Altitude Accelerator client and Incubator graduate, 3terra, helps resolve these problems and improve the quality of services by placing critical information in the hands of the appropriate hospital decision makers. Richard Obuhowich, Iain Robinson, and Matt Goertz have created a suite of software services for hospitals to help them attend to critical areas when an issue arises.

Since being in the Altitude Accelerator Incubator, 3terra has expanded their offerings as a company and narrowed their efforts to focus on product based solutions. They have successfully developed software products including Ember Healthcare, Data Quality Assist, and their perinatal reporting solution.

I3terra Logon the emergency department, many patients are seeking immediate treatment and often conditions both inside and outside of the department lead to long wait times. Ember Healthcare provides a predictive, early warning system of impending patient overcrowding. The tool alerts clinicians and administrators ahead of time, allowing them to understand the anticipated problem and take proactive steps to avoid it before it happens. While at RICC, 3terra unveiled the Ember Healthcare suite at HealthAchieve in Toronto.

Patient at a Glance is included in Ember Healthcare and provides a graphical and interactive representation of a patient’s medical chart. It consolidates information from data systems across the hospital including a patient’s previous interactions with the hospital, physicians seen, treatments received, and costs associated with their visits. This tool allows both clinicians and administrators to quickly review a holistic representation of the patient’s records in one place.

In maternal units, hospitals record every detail about pregnancies and deliveries in their perinatal information systems. In Ontario, this information is collected and sent to the Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) to help shape and improve care for mothers and children. Maternal departments commonly struggle to collect this information efficiently and report this information accurately. 3terra’s perinatal reporting solution saves hospital staff days of effort each month. While at RIC, 3terra was approached by an international information system vendor about expanding the solution for use outside of Ontario and Canada.

3terra has most recently examined how they can help Ontario hospitals understand the impact of data quality on their funding. Hospitals are reimbursed based on the complexity of each individual patient visit, which is defined by a myriad of factors. This approach ensures equitable funding for services delivered, but places paramount importance on the accuracy of documentation for each case. During their time at RICC, 3terra unveiled Data Quality Assist which helps hospitals efficiently identify documentation discrepancies to be reviewed to ensure that they are accurately reporting their efforts in delivering care.

Richard Obuhowich reflected on 3terra’s growth and accomplishments during their time at RICC. “RICC has provided invaluable tools and advice that have helped us successfully grow our business. In our 6-month Incubator term, we significantly increased our sales, began partnership talks to provide services outside of Canada, and launched a new product that has been very well received by Ontario hospitals.”

We, at RICC, are excited to have played such an important part in a company that can put in place big changes that will go on to help Ontario’s healthcare system. We wish 3terra all the best as they continue to succeed in the market for healthcare analytics.

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