23rd Annual Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry

Future Leaders connects leading portfolio managers, bankers and analysts with investor-validated, milestone-rich private and public companies in key therapeutic areas, offering new investment and partnering opportunities and the chance to find companies with tier-jumping potential.

Future Leaders provides the industry’s best venue — in a single day — to identify solid investment and partnering prospects. Wall Street and pharma executives will have the opportunity to assess private and public companies with healthy financial profiles, poised to deliver on milestones that could lead to the next tier of valuations.

Last year, more than 500 delegates congregated at Future Leaders, representing top financial institutions, pharmaceutical business development executives, and high net worth investors active in the sector. Last year’s Future Leaders audience controlled more than $650 billion in equity assets.

Back by popular demand the Future Leaders Class of 2015 expands to include a new “Next Wave” track featuring 15 early stage, privately held companies hand-picked by BioCentury. The “Next Wave” track promises to showcase platform plays and product companies advancing their assets to the clinic and proof of clinical concept. Attendees have the opportunity to hear their stories in a 9-minute ‘elevator pitch’ format and to meet their management teams.

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