2013 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award

Young entrepreneurs at a crossroads

Are you an entrepreneur aged 18-35? Is your company at a crossroads? Do you have a solution that could take your business to the next level? Tell us about it. It could be worth $100,000, or $25,000 in consulting services.

All companies reach turning points — decisive moments when entrepreneurs need to make important decisions that can change the future of their business.

For example, it could be tapping into a new market by implementing an Internet strategy or increasing your profitability by acquiring new equipment.

But these are just a few examples. Every entrepreneur’s turning point decision is different.

For more real-life examples of entrepreneurs who came to a crossroads in their businesses and made a decision that changed their future, please see BDC’s web series Entrepreneurs at a crossroads. Please note that these videos were professionally produced — we are not looking for similar production values in your submissions. To learn more about the video portion of this contest, please see the Selection criteria page.


To enter the contest, create a short video (1 to 2 minutes) outlining the turning point or decisive moment your business has reached and the solution that will put it on a new trajectory toward growth. Your video is your pitch to Canada, so be clear, concise and persuasive.

Then, fill out our 4-step application form and submit your video.

Please note that your proposed solution must not be implemented yet. The prizes are intended to help the winners through the change process.

Application requirements (PDF)


Our judges will choose 11 finalists — one from each province and one for the territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut).

The finalists will be featured on our national website and will receive cross-Canada visibility and national media coverage from BDC’s media partners.

Please note that we may have fewer than 11 finalists if the submissions received do not fully meet the contest’s eligibility and selection criteria.


Then, Canada will choose the winners. Canadians will vote on BDC’s microsite or Facebook page for the project they think most deserves the $100,000 Grand Prize. The finalist with the second highest number of votes will win $25,000 in consulting services.


$100,000 Grand Prize to implement the project of the finalist who receives the most votes.

2nd Prize: $25,000 in consulting services for the finalist with the next highest number of votes.

After the contest, the Grand Prize winner will keep a video journal tracking the implementation of their project. People across Canada will watch the winning project come to life on BDC’s microsite.

The winners will get extensive national visibility as award-winning entrepreneurs taking their business to the next level.

FAQ |  Application requirements (PDF) | Contest rules

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