You Might Need A White Paper If…

By Tedd Campbell

As you attempt to devise an appropriate marketing strategy for your B2B technology company, you may find yourself wondering whether or not to include white papers in the mix.
Here’s a short litmus test to help you figure it out.

You might need a white paper if…

1. You’re introducing a new technology that people aren’t familiar with.
2. You waste time explaining the same things over and over again during the sales process.
3. You want to enhance your company’s credibility and build trust.
4. You want to position your company as a thought leader.
5. You’re tired of hearing “Your website has a bit of information but I need more detail!”
6. You want to start a substantial, new conversation with existing customers.
7. You’re driving significant volumes of traffic to your website via SEO, SEM, social media, etc.
8. You want to generate sales leads online.
9. You want your website to be a must-see resource in your industry.
10. You’re wondering how to succinctly explain your cutting-edge technology to customers, investors, and influential industry analysts.
11. You plan to rent a booth at a high-profile industry tradeshow where you’ll have direct contact with prospective customers.
12. You find yourself at a competitive disadvantage because your competitors are using content marketing to great effect.
13. You want to define your “core story”, the blueprint for all of your sales and marketing communications.
14. You run a lead nurturing campaign.
15. You want to give your customers the substantial information they need to make smart purchasing decisions.

Tedd Campbell is the founder and principal writer at C Worthy White Papers Inc. C Worthy develops world-class white papers for B2B technology companies and service firms that want to enhance their credibility, generate more sales leads, and serve their customers better.

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