Partnership With Canadian Virtual Incubator Fosters New Innovations

Originally posted by Paul Smith, head of Xerox Research Center Canada

At the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, we realize the importance of creating a diverse and collaborative environment for our researchers and scientists. Bringing together people from different backgrounds fosters diversity of thought, which is the ideal environment for innovation. It can energize all parties involved, spark good conversation, and trigger new thoughts and ideas. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the Research, Innovation, and Commercialization Centre (Mississauga, Ontario), known as Altitude Accelerator, will move into office space in our research center beginning November 1.  Partnership with Canadian Virtual Incubator Fosters New Innovations

Altitude Accelerator, a “virtual incubator,” is part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE Network) and aims to help innovative technologies become thriving businesses. But welcoming RIC into our research center doesn’t just mean sharing our physical space. It means working alongside our world-class scientists, bouncing ideas off each other over lunch and providing feedback on upcoming projects in the hallways. Innovation will be in every nook and around every corner.

XRCC has the infrastructure and capability to give Altitude Accelerator clients access to critical resources like infrastructure and expertise across the entire innovation value chain, including design, integration, testing, proof of concept, and pilot scale supply of material. RIC clients will also benefit from new incubator services such as short term office and/or prototype demonstration space and streamlined access to the critical resources detailed above. Having access to these resources and expertise can make the difference in whether or not a start-up reaches its next milestone. Through this partnership with Altitude Accelerator, we look forward to assisting RIC clients in reaching their very own milestones.


> For more information, view our official Media Release.

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