WORKING IMPROV™ at the Altitude Accelerator

ven diagram ricThe synergy between improv and innovation is significant.   Both involve being able to learn how to think and see in new ways and such creative engagement leads to a willingness to explore the unknown.

Improv is like a laboratory where we get to experiment with other ways of being.  Working without a script, accepting whatever offer is given and spontaneously responding and advancing a scene are strong skills that have direct application to the entrepreneurial environment.   Whether it’s the focus needed to command the elevator pitch, authentically supporting your team or delivering the important presentation in a powerful way, improv skills help business.  Harnessing creativity through the entrepreneurial imagination leads to insights, discoveries and dynamic teams.

Applying the time tested communication and awareness techniques of improv results in:

  • Enhanced listening and communication skills leading to higher levels of individual and team engagement
  • An environment of deeper trust to unleash creativity and problem solving
  • Increased strength and capacity for leadership

Improv helps ideas converge and delivers creative connections through laughter and imagination. WORKING IMPROV ™ is delighted to partner with the Altitude Accelerator and deliver a dynamic improv session on September 18th 2015. RSVP now to Engage with WORKING IMPROV ™ at Altitude Accelerator – Where Real Ideas Converge.

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