Veterinary Software Application, SmartFlow Sheet, Raises $2M

By Anne Servidad, Communications Intern

It’s only been three years since Veterinarium took the veterinary market by storm with their software, SmartFlow Sheet, and they have successfully implemented a solution to revolutionize the way veterinarians take care of their patients. Recent information reveals that Veterinarium has installed their software in over 3,180 hospitals and treated 114,143 patients.

Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, CEO of Veterinarium, had worked in various veterinary clinics for over 10 years and recognized the struggle that came with managing patients in the hospital. The idea was created with CTO Pavlo Goncharenko: to create a software that delivers around-the-clock control of patients’ treatment, enhanced in-patient care, and minimized human error, while increasing the clinic’s revenue.

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The idea became a reality when, Dr. Zak enrolled in VentureStart—hosted through the Altitude Accelerator— and received mentorship in order to jumpstart his business.

“We had to acquire knowledge in almost every aspect of business development, including design, sales, marketing, and product development,” said Dr. Zak. “Without mentorship, we would still be at the ‘big dream’ stage, without a chance for success.”

The tablet-based solution was created to improve on the existing paper-based system, streamlining the clinic’s processes and operations. SmartFlow Sheet is a “solution that gives veterinarians automatic reminders, creates legal medical records, and handles billing for the treatments performed.”

“Due to the back-log in paperwork, animals might miss their medications,” said Dr. Zak. “Clinics are losing money for not treating an animal or treating an animal and not billing for it.”

Another feature of the software offers an Interactive Whiteboard feature which “summarizes all the patients in one field” and a Real-Time Sync integration that allows doctors to access the app from various locations, enabling them to work on the same patient without worrying about logging in and out of devices. Veterinarians can save up to $24,000 a year by optimizing their workflow with this system.

Veterinarium became a high potential venture in 2013, and participated in the Champion Series Pitch Panels which provide high potential entrepreneurs pitch practice and opportunities to meet with business, technology, and financial experts. The series has three main components: 360 Virtual Advisory Board, Regional Alliance, and Investment Review Panel. Veterinarium even won the Innovator Idol competition where Dr. Zak pitched the SmartFlow Sheet concept and was awarded a grand prize of $30,000.

The Altitude Accelerator has been instrumental in their journey, by offering a multitude of services and making introductions to angel investor groups.

“Altitude Accelerator played an indispensable role in our early development. James Sbrolla was a vital person who recognized our project as a true innovation at a first meeting. With his help we received VentureStart funding which allowed us to move from the discovery to the scaling stage using Altitude Accelerator’s network, research and knowledge provided through educational materials/courses,” said Dr. Zak.

For the remainder of 2016, Veterinarium aims to launch their product into the UK market, establish distribution channels in Australia and New Zealand, and introducing a new product called Anesthesial Telemedicine platform—which allows remote anesthesia monitoring of surgical cases worldwide.

To learn more about Veterinarium and their SmartFlow Sheet click here.

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