UofT Offers Certificate in E-Business & Web-Marketing

E- Business and Web Marketing have become critical channels to the customer in both the B2B and B2C markets. They play key roles in branding, sales, delivery and customer service. The ability to leverage the potential of these areas offers the opportunity for growth and competitive advantage. This unique and focused certificate program will cover the E-Business and Web Marketing fundamentals and tools necessary to succeed in business online. The courses, taught by industry experts, balances conceptual and practical knowledge to equip students for careers in the world of eBusiness

The Certificate in E-Business & Web Marketing consists of two courses: Tools and Fundamentals of E-Business and Tools & Fundamentals of Web Marketing.

SCS 2115 Tools and Fundamentals of E-Business

E-Business is the fastest-growing channel for business development, communication, sales and delivery for a company’s products and services. This course will deliver a thorough understanding of the latest tools, trends, technologies, and best practices to help you better manage the design, creation, operation, and maintenance of eBusiness and eCommerce solutions. This course is suitable for both mid-level managers and staff of larger organizations, as well as executives and entrepreneurs of smaller and start-up companies.

SCS 2118 Tools & Fundamentals of Web Marketing

This course covers the strategies, tools and techniques used to create impactful web marketing programs. It will describe the role of web marketing in the overall marketing mix and explore key elements of web marketing, such as website design, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, digital advertising and the use of social media. The course is designed to provide a strong conceptual understanding of web marketing and equip the student to apply the most important tools and techniques.

Courses are offered on-line and in-class at St. George campus and are now also available at the Mississauga campus.

To learn more about this certificate program, please visit www.learn.utoronto.ca or call 416 978 2400.

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