Top Tech Trends for 2013

By: Shanza Anwaar

With the world on the brink of a technology revolution, the Altitude Accelerator is helping ICT start-ups in the Peel Region put Canada on the map. Altitude Accelerator runs a Virtual Software Advisory Board where our clients pitch their business ideas, receive practical business advice, and connect with leaders in the IT community.

Last week, this community was abuzz with news of the Consumer Electronics Show bringing 3000 technology exhibitors to display the latest tech innovations. From handheld gadgetry to lifestyle electronics, John Patrick Pullen of has predicted the top tech trends of 2013:

  1. Super-sized Tablets
    Mini tablets were all the rage in 2012 but big changes are expected this year when it comes to tablets.  Panasonic, Sony and Lenovo are exhibiting large touchscreens (up to 27 inches for Lenovo’s Horizon) that are meant for multiple users in a workspace environment.
  2. Apps Galore
    Apps are infiltrating all spheres of life, including refrigerators.  The Samsung T9000 is a fridge that comes installed with apps that are “kitchen-friendly” such as Evernote.
  3. Smart TVs
    Not only is HD television the norm now, screens sizes now range anywhere between 50-100 inches.  Samsung has yet to release its 110 inch HDTV!
  4. Voice-activated Technology
    Automobiles and smart televisions are just some of the platforms where voice commands are becoming the standard.

Want more details on popular CES exhibits? Click here to view the original article.

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