Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Apply to the Altitude Accelerator Incubator

By Simran Grewal, Marketing Intern at Altitude Accelerator

With innovation at the forefront of every industry sector, more and more incubators are being created to foster this wave of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. So what differentiates these incubators from each other, and how do you, as an entrepreneur, choose which arena to grow your business in? It all comes down to two things:

  1. What kind of support services are being offered to you?
  2. How can you leverage the incubator to build your credibility?

We’ve made it easy for you by highlighting the top 10 reasons to choose the Altitude Accelerator Incubator as your innovation hub!

1) Boutique Offering
Altitude Accelerator is a close-knit community of entrepreneurs, experts, and innovators. We know our clients and invest time in a one-on-one setting to help growing technology companies reach a significant milestone. Along with getting to know the team, you also get to meet and interact with incubator clients through peer to peer meetings, and work towards achieving your milestones together.

2) Proven Track Record
Since 2013*, we’ve helped more than 700 startups attain their goals and grow their business. We’ve also helped our startups raise over $240 million in capital to ensure the growth of their company, and helped generate over $115 million in revenue. Along the way, over 650 new jobs were created.

3) Co-located with Xerox Research Centre of Canada
The RIC Incubator is co-located with Xerox Research Centre of Canada, a global multinational corporation, which allows clients to foster industry relationships in order to accelerate time to market. As well, our clients have the opportunity to request access to  secured, on-site wet labs from XRCC for research and development tasks for a fee.

 4) Government Funding Opportunities
Clients get access and connections to government organizations and institutions to raise capital for their venture through various funding initiatives. Alongside this, high-potential clients also get access to angel investor and venture capital groups.

 5) Industry Experts
The RIC Incubator gives clients access to a team of over 100 experienced entrepreneurs and innovators who have already perfected their skills in the business world. As a client, our team provides their specialized expertise for your business growth, and helps connect you to key individuals in your field.

6) Private Office Space
Each RIC Incubator client gets access to private office space, along with meeting rooms and facilities that can accommodate up to 130 people. Become a RIC Incubator client, and create a home-base for your operations at the XRCC location.

7) Investor Pitch Practice
In order to help company’s prepare for a successful financing opportunity, RIC Incubator clients get the chance to perfect their pitches in front of a panel of experts and get real-time feedback and connections. As a client, rehearse and refine your pitch to ensure the highest chance of success when facing investors!

8) Market Intelligence
RIC Incubator clients can receive current, relevant, and timely information about competitors, markets, and investors with free market intelligence reports. Clients can accelerate their growth through targeted information for their sector, and get answers to any questions they may have.

 9) Training Workshops
We offer workshops designed to teach essential skills and expertise to RIC Incubator clients, in order to provide the tools, mentoring, and peer feedback needed to solve specific problems. Geared around the needs of our clients, get the knowledge you need, when you need it most.

10) Networking Opportunities
As a RIC Incubator client, you get to meet with investors, industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and government funders. You also get exclusive access to opportunities with our partners and widen your network through private invite-only events.

So what are you waiting for? Apply by June 30th to join the next cohort of RIC Incubator clients, and set your business on the path to success!

Incubator Infographic

Questions? Get in touch with Mariya Leslie, Altitude Accelerator’s Operations Manager, at 289.373.3050 x 204 or

*Based on Client Survey Data from 2013-2016

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