Anika Murray

Mikaela Cunha

Mikaela joined Altitude after completing her bachelor’s degree at Western University in 2023. She’s a candidate for the Master’s in Management of Innovation, a renowned program offered by the University of Toronto, Mississauga. Through her post-grad work as a health payment representative, Mikaela integrated medical data and modeled critical thinking to accomplish her goals. On… Continue reading Mikaela Cunha

Rutuja Jori

Rutuja holds two Masters degrees – an MBA in Marketing from Pune University, an MSc. in International Business from HEC Montreal and a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. She has 6+ years of experince working with B2B clients and entrepreneurs across North America, Europe, India and Japan in development of their strategic initiatives. Her expertise… Continue reading Rutuja Jori

Hessie Jones

HessieJones is a serial entrepreneur, strategist,venture partnerandwriter with more than20+ years in start-up technology: data targeting, behavioural and profile analytics, social media technology, privacy and security tech.Hessieis a strong advocate for AI readiness, education and ethical distribution of AIas well as the strong proponent for data self-determination: in the ownership and control of individual data.… Continue reading Hessie Jones

Pam Banks

Altitude Accelerator came into existence under the visionary guidance of Pam Banks; now Altitude Accelerator’s Executive Director. With over 20 years of economic and business development experience in Ontario, Pam’s expertise is in developing and implementing entrepreneurial support programs by rallying collaboration from industry, educational institutions and government stakeholders. She strategically works to develop and… Continue reading Pam Banks