TEDxMississauga – Calling the inspired and enthusiastic to the stage

Innovators have a unique passion, something extra that brings them from the realm of partial thoughts to the world of ingenious innovation and successful execution. This factor changes them from the passive enjoyers of what is around them, to the creators and dreamers of what is to be.

Innovation is the engine that drives human evolution.

TEDx Mississauga will feature a variety of local and guest voices, both that few have heard before and those better known individuals who want to get closer to the community — people who can present their field in a new light. We want to bring perspectives that the global TED community may not have access to, a range of diverse demographics, ethnicities, backgrounds, and subject matter.

Do you dream big? Can you make the complex plain?
Do you know how to connect with people’s emotions?
Do you have an idea to inspire action? Are you ready to give the talk o
f your life?

Innovation in Mississauga is rising. We have incredible inventors, devoted entrepreneurs, inspired artists and perceptive humanitarians. As a city, we stand on the edge of innovation. We want to see “innovation happen.” Many view innovation as a competitive advantage.

At TEDxMississauga, an inspiring sample of innovators will touch your heart, expand your mind, fuel your imagination, challenge your values, question your conscience, laugh with you, share their dream, and in their unique way prompt a call to action.

TEDxMississauga, the second TEDx event in our community, is here to give these speakers and performers an opportunity to showcase their efforts, share their realizations, and inspire those around them to develop ideas worth spreading.

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