Access to smart capital

By Hari Venkatacharya We have all been there- we are introduced to an early stage company that has an amazing technological innovation; they have put a core team together, raised some seed financing and are now ready to take on the world! Soon, they realize that their skill sets in developing a technology are significantly… Continue reading Access to smart capital

Technology entrepreneurship 101

By Andrew Maxwell Everything you wanted to know about technology entrepreneurship but were afraid to ask!   In a recent meeting on campus at the University of Toronto, a colleague exclaimed that my “insights” into the differences between entrepreneurial success and failure were nothing new. He mentioned several academic papers, which were at least twenty… Continue reading Technology entrepreneurship 101

Possible, Probable, Certain

By Michael Hepworth I hear from time to time that we need to engender a greater entrepreneurial spirit in Canada. I dont believe there is anything wrong with entrepreneurial spirit here. I’ve lived in 4 countries, started 5 businesses and worked with literally 100s of entrepreneurs in Canada and there’s no shortage of people who… Continue reading Possible, Probable, Certain

Moving from small to large successes

by David Pasieka One of the greatest things about Entrepreneurs is that they have the persistence to keep trying. We all need to draw inspiration from their spirit. Having exhausted a host of innovative and creative methodologies to achieve Large Success or Smaller Successes, sometimes the current path will simply not achieve the expected results.… Continue reading Moving from small to large successes