Tablet App Seeks To Revolutionize Veterinary Clinics

By: Shanza Anwaar

The Wall Street Journal reports that “the Healthcare IT market will be worth $56.7 billion by 2017”.  Healthcare IT has the “potential to generate valuable information to improve workflow, safety, and efficiency within healthcare organizations”.  Applications and other software innovations are converting storage, access, and exchange of medical information into an online or electronic system.   Patient care, improvement of medical devices and managerial efficiency are now all under a simple touch of the screen.  The same healthcare tech innovations can now be seen in the Veterinary care industry.

Working in over 30 veterinary clinics for the past 10 years, Innovator Idol finalist Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, learned that managing a veterinary clinic can be extremely tedious and challenging.  In today’s fast paced world, keeping track of medications and treatments for animals, billings, and medical records simply cannot be recorded with pen and paper.  Hence Dr. Zakharenkov, sought to create a mobile application that aids in managing a clinic with complete efficiency.

With the help of a close friend and software developer, Pavel Goncharenko, Dr. Zakharenkov’s tablet app began to materialize.  Veterinarium Corporation’s key product, the Smart Flow Sheet™, is a “comprehensive iPad solution that gives veterinarians automatic reminders, creates legal medical records and handles billing for the treatments performed.”  The app also offers an Interactive Whiteboard that “summarizes all the patients in one field” and a Real-Time Sync feature that allows doctors to access the app from various locations, work on the same patient and not worry about logging in and out on the same device.

Dr. Zakharenkov believes that the Smart Flow Sheet™ app “will provide every veterinary clinic with around the clock control of patients’ treatment, enhance in-patient care, minimize human errors, and increase clinic’s revenue”.

The Smart Flow Sheet™ app, thus, hopes to revolutionize veterinary clinic management by making operations and processes more smooth and efficient. To watch Dr. Zakharenkov pitch his invention in a live entrepreneur competition, join Altitude Accelerator at its annual Innovator Idol event on June 5th! Dr. Zakharenkov and other finalists will pitch to a panel of industry experts and a final winner will be selected by a live audience to win the $30,000 prize package.

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