Survive through Innovation

“Innovation is the key to helping businesses not just survive, but thrive in today’s competitive environment. Innovation may involve new ideas, new markets, products or new ways of thinking about things. The essential thing to remember is that any business can be innovative; it just requires an open mind and a willingness to change and adapt,” says John Switzer Chair of the Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre.

The Altitude Accelerator, in association with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies presents a program to teach budding entrepreneurs about how to turn ideas into successful products, processes or services and add economic value to organizations and society.

Beginning in January, the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies will launch a new Certificate in Innovation Management designed to equip participants with the tools, methods and techniques need to be successful in taking innovations to market.

“If you’re not innovating your business, beware ……someone else is,” says Andrew Maxwell, UTM professor and head of the Canadian Innovation Centre and an instructor in the new Certificate program.

The program will involve case studies, experienced instructors and guest speakers to guide students.  The program will introduce participants to the elements and attributes of the innovation process as well as the key factors that allow organizations and their workforce to harness this process. The benefits for participants include

  • Competitive advantage in the knowledge required  for the practice of innovation management
  • Understanding of the challenges facing organizations throughout the innovation process, from early research to market launch and  commercialization
  • Taking leadership in turning good ideas into revenue-generating products and services

“RIC is pleased to partner with UTM as well as our other community partners in working closely to raise the profile of innovation in our community. Our ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs get their technology to the marketplace,” says Pam Banks, Commercialization Director RIC.

For registration details on the Foundations of Innovation Management visit:


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