Submit your Technology to the BioTransfer2014 – Toronto

Canadian excellence in research and technology: Human health partnership opportunities

BioTransfer is a strategic platform to connect the Canadian researchers with the life science industry.

For this next edition of BioTransfer2014, which will take place in Toronto on March 18th, 2014, the most promising technologies and research platforms in the areas of therapeutics, diagnostics and health technologies will be presented. These projects represent over 26 partnership opportunities in various application areas, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and central nervous system disease, as well as integrated approaches such as personalised medicine.
In addition to formal presentations, the event will provide a premier business development platform for researchers and industry to plan one-on-one B2B meetings.


Topics that will be explored

  • Biotherapeutics: promising candidates, R&D tools, biomarkers, companion diagnostics
  • Diagnosis: R&D tools, biomarkers, companion diagnostics
  • Medical technologies: invasive and non-invasive

Why present at BioTransfer2014 – Toronto?

The BioTransfer2014 – Toronto event is a forum for academic, institutional and industrial researchers to present their latest technologies and research platforms to a pool of potential clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries, as well as to prime institutional and industrial contractors.

Who can present at BioTransfer2014 – Toronto?

  • Academic, institutional and industrial researchers working in Canada
  • Canadian universities research commercialization firms
  • Canadian universities technology transfer offices
  • Liaison and transfer centres (LTCs)

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