Should Start-up Companies consider leveraging Facebook Ads within their Marketing Toolkits?

By: Ana Karen Palacios

Most individuals regard social media as a powerful networking channel and content generator. Across the Web, commercial and personal websites push these technologies to reach their online community, and establish a feedback loop with their users. But, what about entrepreneurs engaged in fields unrelated to communications?

Social media stands as a great advertising channel for such entrepreneurs. Compared to other forms of paid advertisement, social media contains features that provide you with information about your user without the need to consult outside sources. Let’s expand on this point, since it is a crucial advantage for your campaign’s accuracy and budget. The majority of social media technologies employ some form of data aggregation. Here, technological tools compile data from your user’s digital footprint. This means to provide the user with services or advertisement tailored to his interests. Amongst the social media landscape, Facebook Ads remain an ideal venue for start-ups without advanced training in advertising.

Accurate Audience Reach:

• Reach even the most obscure user by specifying the details and interests of your audience’s profile.

• Monitor the ad’s impressions at any point throughout the campaign.

• Perform any changes according to the data received– in regards to the percentage of impressions versus the percentage of interactions, such as “likes.”

• Campaign’s feedback includes charts and reports that illustrate the data.

• A successful campaign usually consists of a Click-through rate (CTR) above 0.4%.

Maximize your Campaign’s Budget for Accurate Results:

• Reduce production costs from Creative services by leveraging stock photography websites.

• Feature a Social Media Strategist to monitor the campaign and develop strategies to amplify reach (recommended, but not required).

• Adverts interface remains user-friendly enough for an inexperienced individual to deliver the campaign.

• Includes the option of paying per click (CPC) or per impression (CPM).

In the case that you encounter difficulties, you are guaranteed to receive support. A great advantage of social media is the active community that contributes to the growth of the technology. Facebook Ads offer great forums with direct feedback and best practices for the use of their platform. Overall, Facebook Ads should remain within your marketing toolkit as the platform provides you with accurate user-reach via data aggregation; in addition to reducing the campaign’s budget away from elaborate production costs.

Ana Karen is the Assistant to Media Executive Intern at MediaCom Canada and Social Media & Marketing Manager at Mashup Arts Inc. She has a diploma of Digital Communication and Studio Art from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

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