Rove: A Thriving Data Infrastructure Company Making Waves in the Travel Industry

Rove is a Leading Date Infrastructure Company founded by James Sauter

Rove is a data infrastructure company that specializes in managing travel and tourism-related data. They cater to large-scale destination management organizations, tourism associations, and attractions that want to enhance their region’s economic value through tourism

Some of their clients include Visit Wales, Visit Panama, Destination New South Wales, Tourism Fiji, New York State, Travel Oregon, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, Destination British Columbia, and Destination Toronto.

Rove’s focus on efficiently managing travel data has made them a leading data infrastructure company in the travel and tourism industry.

They are committed to helping clients leverage its tools to unearth insights, ask better questions, and transform their destinations into a greater economic engine for everyone.

James Sauter, the founder of Rove, understood the resilience of the travel industry from the start. Even though there was a decline in tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry has made a quick recovery. James realized that data management technology was gaining traction in the industry, and Rove’s high level of knowledge of the tourism industry combined with data and technology made them a leading data infrastructure company in the travel and tourism industry.

According to James, “the intersection between tourism, data, and technology is a very small intersection. There’s not a lot of people that play there.” 

Their easy-to-use and customizable business intelligence solution cuts through the clutter and empowers their clients to make better decisions. 

Joining Altitude Accelerator  

“Many startups fail because they run out of time. Altitude Accelerator helps accelerate a company’s progression and get through the challenging years faster, essentially increasing the odds of success,” said James Sauter, Partner and Co-Founder of Rove.

Altitude Accelerator’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Geoff Simonett played a key role in helping James to accelerate his entrepreneurial venture of making Rove a successful company.

James mentioned that even though he has had other business-related experiences such as sales and marketing, he was new to being an entrepreneur.

Geoff inspired James to think strategically for the most efficient results. Geoff also shared his expertise to help James to develop financial models, negotiate shareholder discussions, understand deal structures, and benchmark key metrics. Even today, James continues to meet with Geoff on a monthly basis over breakfast to discuss the trajectory of Rove.

“Working with the team at Altitude Accelerator has provided Rove with knowledge, counsel, and a network to anticipate what challenges lie ahead and be better prepared to overcome them.  Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence steered us through very challenging growth stages by asking the right questions at the right time and advising us on what our focus should be at each step of the journey,” said James Sauter, Partner and Co-Founder of Rove.

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