Altitude Accelerator Wins Arrow Electronics’ Incubator of the Year Award

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Mississauga’s Altitude Accelerator was honoured to receive the 2017 Incubator of the Year award from Arrow Electronics Toronto, one of the global leaders in Internet of Things electronics.

There are over 140 startup incubators in Ontario and Arrow Electronics Toronto works with some of the biggest organizations in the industry, including the Altitude Accelerator.

On why Altitude Accelerator was chosen over other incubators in Ontario, Trevor Bingham, Field Sales Manager for Arrow Electronics Toronto, said, “The Altitude Accelerator has a unique and innovative way to support and drive their clients’ business forward.”

The Research Innovation Commercialization Centre (Altitude Accelerator) is one of Ontario’s 17 Regional Innovation Centres; a network that includes MaRS, Communitech and Invest Ottawa. The not-for-profit organization helps startups in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon build their companies and take their products to market with access to an extensive network of partners, advisors and investors. For example, through the RIC Incubator program, companies have access to Arrow’s design tools, engineering experts, prototype services, manufacturing support and supply chain management.

“Our partners and advisors are champions of industry that each have unique skill sets they lend to grow the next generation of companies in our local region. We help create real companies that contribute to the economy,” said Pam Banks, Executive Director Altitude Accelerator.

Altitude Accelerator and Arrow Electronics also partnered on two major events in 2017, both focusing on using technology to enable accessibility for those suffering with physical and sensory disabilities.

At Driving Dreams, Arrow showcased a revolutionary car that could allow quadriplegic drivers get on the road again. Following the success of the event, Altitude Accelerator and Arrow also partnered on hackABILITY, an extended hackathon to build real solutions to help people with disabilities. The SmartCane team, led by a Grade 9 student, won the competition and has been working with Arrow to move past prototyping and build a real product.

Trevor also added, “The entire Arrow team is thrilled to be working alongside the Altitude Accelerator and believe that this is a truly collaborative relationship.”

Altitude Accelerator Chair of the Board and Managing Partner at Trellis Capital, Sunil Selby added, “Being recognized as Arrow Incubator of the Year for 2017 means a lot to all of us at Altitude Accelerator. Collaboration with channel partners is one of the keys to scaling startups and helping them become truly successful.”

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