Altitude Accelerator Client PaymentEvolution Meets with MPP Amrit Mangat

One of the challenges of every small business is managing growth. Sam Vassa, CEO and founder of PaymentEvolution met with MPP Amrit Mangat as part of a Community Building initiative to share his perspective of the Altitude Accelerator and the ONE Network.

PaymentEvolution is a cloud-based payroll and payment service that has been working with RIC for over two years.  The mentoring services have been important contributor to the company’s development.

20151007_142029 (2)Left to Right: Sam Vassa (CEO of PaymentEvolution), MPP Amrit Mangat, Pam Banks (Altitude Accelerator Executive Director)

“Altitude Accelerator advisors have a high degree of expertise to help companies move from the start-up to sustainable growth phase,” said Sam Vassa. “It’s important to put the right structure and processes in place to create a solid foundation for growth.”

Vassa worked with a global technology firm in the United States and decided to return to his roots and start his company in Mississauga.  “We employ 15 people locally and we provide service to companies all over North America,” said Vassa.

PaymentEvolution has also participated in training and workshops, investment readiness, and the Ontario Centre’s of Excellence Talent Edge graduate program.

“Ontario is a great place to start a business, and to create a community where businesses work together,” said Vassa. “Innovation is the catalyst to improve productivity, efficiency and prosperity.  I believe we all need to contribute to an environment that supports the entrepreneur. That’s why PaymentEvolution provides free services to startups and micro-businesses. Together we can help ensure the success of the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

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