Altitude Accelerator announces collaboration with Arrow Electronics

Mississauga, ON– February 9, 2017  Pam Banks, Altitude Accelerator’s Executive Director, announced Altitude Accelerator’s exclusive strategic collaboration with global technology provider Arrow Electronics at the Growing Your Business seminar on “February Funding” in Mississauga.

Arrow will work with the Altitude Accelerator’s dedicated technology entrepreneurs and collaborate with them on their growing businesses. Arrow will also work with Altitude Accelerator to develop and deliver new programs to support tech startups in the Peel region.

“The Internet of Things (IOT) is a strategic focus for RIC in 2017,” said Pam Banks, “Altitude Accelerator is pleased to have the support of Arrow to help startups overcome the ‘valley of death’ and help entrepreneurs take their product/ service to market successfully.”

Altitude Accelerator supports technology entrepreneurs that want to fast-track their business to market. RIC’s team of advisors and mentors, education training, networking events and the RIC Incubator program accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies.

“Arrow is now offering its unparalleled design-to-production engine—used by the world’s biggest names in technology—to the startup and maker community at the Altitude Accelerator,” said Trevor Bingham, field sales and general manager of Arrow’s Toronto-area office. “With Arrow’s dedicated support and expertise, these promising startups can get their technology to market faster and easier than ever before.”

As one of the world’s largest providers of electronic and IT products and services in the world, Arrow is uniquely positioned with the breadth of resources and depth of expertise to successfully shepherd promising entrepreneurs along their path to market. From design and prototyping support to creative financing and supply chain services, Arrow has the end-to-end technology capabilities that can help startups get innovative new products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Arrow has worked with select RIC clients as part of a pilot initiative and demonstrated very positive results.

“Mango Mirror is a Smart Mirror that is focused on health and wellness information display.  Identifying the right development and design platforms were essential to ensure manufacturability.  The Arrow team helped in choosing relevant technologies to help speed time to market, engineering as well as design support,” said Dave Dubier, CEO Mango Mirror.

RIC works with an exclusive group of companies to transition them from the idea and concept stage, to the growth and expansion stage of their business. Arrow joins RIC’s strategic mission to support startups with services and solutions for electronic components and enterprise computing.

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