Research Software Program: Call for Expressions of Interest

canarie-logoCANARIE is pleased to invite the submission of Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for competitive funding under the CANARIE Research Software Program.

About CANARIE’s Research Software Program

CANARIE has been investing in the development of software to support scientific research since 2007. In its last mandate (2012-15), CANARIE funded the development of nearly 70 research software tools. These tools enable Canadian scientists to analyze, visualize and share immense volumes of research data, transforming data into knowledge and insights that contribute to Canada’s economic and social development.

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Provide software tools to Canadian researchers to reduce time to discovery.
  • Allow researchers to make effective use of Canadian digital infrastructure.
  • Promote re-use of tools to minimize the costs of software development prior to the start of research.
  • Create a community of research software developers in Canada to further accelerate research through collaborative software development and expertise sharing.

Call Details

This call represents the first round of the Research Software Program calls. It is anticipated that the next call will be held in 2018.

Under this competitive call, funding of up to $3M is available. CANARIE is accepting Expressions of Interest for:

  • Development of Research Platforms[1] – This includes development of new Research Platforms, or the enhancement of an existing Research Platform. Maximum funding per platform under this call is $600K.
  • Development of Stand-alone Research Software Services[2] – This includes development of new Software Services or the enhancement of an existing Software Service. Maximum funding per Software Service under this call is $100K.

NEW under this call, Expressions of Interest can also be submitted from:

  • Experienced research software development teams interested in making themselves available to researchers who do not have their own software development capabilities; and
  • Teams with existing research platforms interested in extending their platforms to meet the needs of other researchers.

The maximum funding period for this call is 24 months.

For more information about the types of software that are eligible, view the software previously developed

Please note that funding for the Research Software Program is contingent on successful completion of a contribution agreement between CANARIE and Industry Canada.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Canadian researchers from both non-profit and for-profit organizations who need customized software tools to support their research may apply for funding to develop a Research Platform, or stand-alone Software Service.

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