R&D Funding for Collaborative Projects with Colleges: Part II

By Sarah O’Neill

As I mentioned in last month’s topic, through the College and Community Innovation Program, NSERC supports new projects that work with businesses on a range of applied research. Two other granting options that can offer support to your business are the Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grants and the Applied Research Tools and Instrument (ARTI) Grants.

Innovation Enhancement Grants fund colleges to work with businesses, and with SMEs in particular, to focus on business-driven challenges and opportunities, and enhance the colleges’ commercialization and applied R&D activities.

Applied Research Tools and Instrument Grants, in turn, support the purchase of research equipment and installations to enhance the ability of colleges to undertake collaborative applied research. This program makes state-of-the-art research equipment available for industry’s use in your community.

There are many colleges eager to work with businesses. In fact, Toronto’s Centennial College  just announced it has received both grants.

To leverage college research expertise in your area, or to learn more about opportunities near you, contact the NSERC Ontario Regional Office at 905-403-0924.

Sarah O’Neill is the Communications and Promotions Officer at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)’s Ontario Regional Office.  Sarah can connect you with the information you need regarding NSERC’s partnership opportunities.

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