As a post-revenue startup company, you have begun to generate sales and are now working through the stages of efficiency and scale. In the efficiency stage, your sales and marketing processes are refined and you are generating consistent and growing revenues. You tweak your product based on customer feedback, and start to explore new customer and partner channels. In the scale stage, you achieve massive exponential sales growth as you scale your business through new channels and geographies. At this point you are making executive team hires and raising larger rounds of investment to continue to grow.

The Altitude Accelerator offers a wide range of resources designed to help entrepreneurs at each stage of the entrepreneurial journey which is laid out for you below. As you scroll through these stages, you can explore each of the resources RIC has to offer each step of the way towards commercialization and profit.

Looking for more information about how we support pre-revenue startups? Read about some case studies here.

Stage 0 – Idea

“I have an idea that I would like to develop or get feedback on.”

What we do for pre-revenue startups »

“I have a product or service concept that I think people want to buy.”

What we do for pre-revenue startups »

Stage 1: Discovery

“I’m generating consistent revenue and am ready to scale. Woohoo!”

Stage 3 – Efficiency

Stage 4 – Scale

“My sales are through the roof and I’m focused on managing growth.”