PoolPal: Revolutionizing Commercial Pool Operations

Success Story of PoolPal

PoolPal is revolutionizing the commercial pool operations, looking to put the care, health and safety of bathers first and foremost.

This made-in-Canada platform-based modular solution is utilizing hardware, software, AI and IOT sensory data to hyper-automate and assist organizations in driving bather experience, safety and health compliance, labour shortage and energy consumption objectives. 

The experts behind Poolpal have spent nearly 60 years designing, building, maintaining, managing, and enhancing the operations of commercial swimming pools in North America.

Their vision is to become the dominant innovative-smart solution provider of AI-CleanTech in the global Commercial Pool industry.

PoolPal is continuing to challenge the status quo with the mindset of utilizing technology to deliver a much more innovative solution platform than the current market products available.  

Joining Altitude Accelerator

“Altitude Accelerator has been an invaluable service to me by providing constructive feedback throughout my presentations, one-on-one coaching, and mentorships to improve the crafting of my story to prospects and investors. At the same time, they have provided networking opportunities and have connected PoolPal Corp. with potential vendors for our product,” said Marc Pahlavan, CEO & Founder, PoolPal.

Altitude community is built by many local pioneers, business people, and publicly traded company board members who have built businesses and know firsthand what it takes to jump the hurdles of building a company and selling a novel solution.

“I would strongly recommend Altitude to any start-up that is looking to launch a successful product/service locally. Altitude is home to experienced individuals that are pioneers, veterans, and senior levels at their organizations with the necessary backgrounds to guide one in the right direction for success.” 

Advice for entrepreneurs

PoolPal began during COVID-19, a time where the team saw an opportunity to address the gaps of commercial pools with a wholesome solution. 

When asked about advice for future entrepreneurs, Marc Pahlavan said: “Know your product. Know your market. Know the gaps. Know that you will need to sacrifice many things. Know how far you can go personally and financially. Know who may end you, as a competitor! Look globally. This is not a dream!” 

Need help growing your business?

Altitude Accelerator’s services are developed and tailored for helping entrepreneurs and startups fast track their growth.

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