Pitch an idea. Form a team. Launch a product. All in 54 hours!

Startup Weekend Peel is a 54 hour event created to provide anyone with an opportunity to take an idea to action while forming a team. Teams are assisted by experienced mentors and coaches and at the end the ideas are pitched in front of a panel of judges. For one weekend you get all the resources, support and materials you need to see if you have a great business brewing inside you.


Why should you attend Startup Weekend Peel?
– You have an idea for a company, app or website that could be the next big thing.
– You’re interested to see what it’s like to build a business idea from scratch.
– You want to meet people and network in a new and unique way.
– You want to meet designers, developers, marketers and other professionals who just might be your next hire.
– You like to build cool stuff.
– You believe businesses can do good while doing business.

What does a ticket buy you?
– Access to all three days of the event.
– Seven meals and snacks/drinks throughout the course of the weekend.
– Time with seasoned entrepreneurs, startup veterans and energetic community members
– The opportunity to take a concept from idea to execution over the course of 54 hours!

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