Peer to peer networking with RIC – What to expect?

By: Omer Gulzar
To add credibility to my last blog, I had the opportunity to attend the RIC Tech Leaders Network session on the “Art and Science of Imaging” hosted at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, (which I should mention is the perfect facility to house such an event with their extensive material research division).

Jason Gillham, the founder and CEO of 2G Robotics Inc., shared how he developed his company by accessing grants and hiring graduate students to help in the development of their unique laser scanners and software systems. Their technology is able to generate a 3D model from the data input of a conventional video camera (see below). By generating underwater images in areas that are densely contaminated with silt and other noise, this imaging device can examine archaeological sites as well as damaged municipal pipelines, reservoirs, oil rigs and bridge footings.

Medical Imaging Device for Tumour Detection

Dr. Brian Wilson from the Ontario Cancer Institute presented on medical imaging technologies for various applications ranging from cancer diagnostics to mobile apps that monitor the presence of bacteria on skin for wound healing and treatment. When asked where they see the future of imaging, both speakers came to the same conclusion; the level of data that can be generated is growing exponentially, however, methods to interpret and collect such data is limiting. For example, a short 4-second video clip recorded from a human artery takes about 4 hours of algebraic manipulation to reconstruct into a 3D image.

Dr. Wilson also spoke to the current challenge with commercializing research coming out of university laboratories. There seems to be a lack of reception towards entrepreneurial scientists that design these commercially relevant technologies. Forums like RIC’s Tech Leaders Network allow idea exchange where cross sectorial discussion to solve such challenges can take place. If you are an entrepreneurial scientist, you should mark your calendars for the next session which will be posted in May 2012.


Omer is currently at the University of Toronto finishing his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology. At the RIC he is undertaking an internship as a Bio-business intern, where he brings together his science based analytical skills and merges them with business development.

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