ORD Solutions launches 3D Printer Campaign

ba7071c0fd7786ec7342034042359ffe_LORD Solutions is a Canadian company based in Cambridge, Ontario.  In October of 2013, we ran our first Kickstarter for the MH3000R1 3D Printer. We raised over $100,000, and supplied printers to more than 50 individuals and companies. Those printers have been built and shipped, and are now in the hands of our Kickstarter backers. We have also sold additional printers of this model since our Kickstarter ended. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the project.  In June 2014 we launched our second Kickstarter for the RoVa3D and we were again able to raise over $100,000!   So why are we having another Kickstarter?  Well it is because with the Kickstarter money we are able to continue our R&D work to push technology further faster!  We want to stay ahead of the game and be able to continue to offer awesome products at low prices.  We have made sure to space out the delivery times between the two campaigns, so that all rewards will be delivered on time!

Here’s their Kickstarter Video

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