Opportunity alert: N100 Startup Competition

Northumberland, Ontario, Canada’s annual $100,000 startup competition

N100-Logo-Dec-5-2014-325x142Through three Rounds (The Pitch, Business Planning and Negotiation) N100 startups compete for a $100,000 convertible note that will support key milestones in their development, such as finalizing a prototype. The competition (which runs every year from March to July) is designed to accelerate high growth potential startups and to position them for follow-on investment.

N100 is also an attraction strategy. While startups currently located anywhere are eligible to compete, ultimately they must establish operations in Northumberland in order to receive the $100,000 investment. The N100 Startup Competition was developed by Northumberland CFDC in partnership with our Regional Innovation Centre, Spark Centre.

To compete, you must have a plan to commercialize a new and innovative technology-driven product or service with:

  • High growth potential
  • Scalability
  • Competitive advantage
  • Credible founder team
  • Potential for economic impact in Northumberland

Read more about the competition here. Altitude Accelerator client, The Ubi, was the inaugural winner of this competition in 2013!

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